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I am a newbie with Lexi...And would just want to say, I, too am so impressed with the insight, knowledge and genuine compassion she emulates. I have dealt with some major issues for years...thinking I had candida...struggling thru diet and emotional symptoms. She pin pointed critical answers the first visit to her clinic. Mu body is new in so many ways...and I am one happy camper!!!

From Connie L.

Lexi has done wonders for my son who was born with chronic bowel disorder. We have already seen a big improvement with his digestive issues. Thank you so much!!!

From Laura B.

I am excited to share with you that my AC1 came back as 6.1. I had not been taking my cholesterol medicine regularly and my cholesterol came in at 197!
I no longer have to take my blood pressure medicine, I'm so excited!!
I have stayed away from processed foods as best I can and trying to eat organic and I'm seeing results."

Rebecca B-H.

About three years ago I attended class given by Lexi to inform us on hidden chemicals in our foods and how the products that we use to clean our homes affect our daily living. It was pretty overwhelming to learn all that information but it made sense to me.

I came home and processed all the information and then shared it with my husband. So began our journey to change our health. I cleared out all cleaning products and now only use vinegar and baking soda. What an incredible savings! I told my husband about a story that Lexi shared about a woman who had brain surgery and a white mass of artificial sweetener was found in her brain. My husband decided that day to stop using artificial sweeteners.

A few months go by and my husband had a stroke. It was very life changing for both of us. He wanted to go see Lexi to get help with neurological issues from the stroke. She started him with supplements and dietary changes to target different areas of his body. In January we decided to do the Purification Program. My husband has suffered from Lymphedema for many years. He had a chronic right leg that was acutely swollen and had to wear a special compression stocking. The only time he took it off was to take a shower. After about 10 days on the Purification Program Ron noticed his stocking was loose but he still wasn't sure why. We had a follow-up appointment with Lexi and told her what had been happening. She sat there with a big smile on her face and said that the healing of Ron's leg had been her prayer and that the lymph nodes would start draining properly. By the time we were done with the Purification Program the swelling was down enough that Ron stopped wearing the compression stocking. He hasn't worn the stocking since!

We have gone back to some of our favorites but overall our healthy has greatly improved which is vital for senior citizens.

It doesn't matter where you are in life at any age you can take the steps to change.

We are thankful for all the had work, studies, and effort that Lexi puts into her work for her clients. You can see how much she enjoys helping people make changes to better their health.

Sherry and Ron H.

My Journey to Health

I have always been sensitive to smells and foods. About 30 years ago, after having some major dental work (fillings), I returned to my dentist complaining that I thought I might be allergic to the metal used to fill my teeth. I was told that “no one” is ever allergic to that metal. I began having issues with anxiety about 25 years ago.  It continued to get worse and worse. Getting to church each Sunday and then Bible Study was a major ordeal. I knew everyplace between home and church that had a public restroom, because I frequently had to find one, quickly, whenever I did venture out. I also reached the point I was too anxious to get groceries and so my husband stepped in and did all the shopping. I didn’t buy clothing, shoes, nothing for a number of years . . . unless it was on-line.  I discovered during that time that the lights in many stores (Costco, Target, Shopko, etc.) would also frequently trigger the anxiety.

I had tried the regular doctors but they weren’t interested in finding the cause of my anxiety—they just wanted to prescribe some drug, whose side effects were the very reason I was looking for help. So I found a naturopathic doctor and asked her for help. She helped some, but the best thing about her was she listened to me. I wasn’t crazy! She said my body wasn’t working correctly and suggested that I eat according to Natasha Campbell and suggested I get her book Nourishing Traditions. But I needed more help.  

 I went to see my Naturopath a couple years ago regarding tremors I was experiencing. The vitamin she gave me had an unexpected side effect—it made my intestines feel better and I began to experience less anxiety. I discovered that much of my anxiety was caused by the sudden need for a restroom, so this lessening was exciting. Since then I began working on overcoming some of those anxiety type mental issues I had developed. I began going on short shopping expeditions—one store, one or two items. Run in, run out—that was my shopping style.  But there was still something not right.

I met Lexi through a friend and went to a couple of women’s seminars Lexi held; I liked her approach to whole health and the idea that not only eating right would help you get healthier, but that sometimes things happened in life that triggered additional health problems (such as dental work). Last year when I heard about the Clean Eating Challenge, it intrigued me, but I wasn’t quite ready. Then in January, 2015, I took the plunge. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be because we still ate a fairly clean diet. But it did cause me to “clean up” the stuff we had let back into our lives. I missed my lattes and coffee the most as I used them to “reward” myself for getting special work (grading papers) done. But the mental clarity I discovered was worth it! I work as an on-line instructor, and I not only have to teach, but I also need a clear mind to grade and make suggestions for better writing to my students. There were years when this was painstakingly painful and slow.

My husband and I did this challenge together and we began feeling very good. My anxiety went even further down and now it was only occasional events—like getting ready to travel to Eastern Washington or California –and even then it wasn’t nearly as uncomfortable as before. Throughout the Challenge I would ask Lexi about some symptom I experienced, or she would talk about something in those wonderful e-mails, and “the liver” kept coming up as a possible source of health issues. Near the end of the challenge I decided to consult her and find out if my liver truly needed help.

There I found out the dental work I had complained about all those years ago truly was a catalyst for many of my current health problems. I was vindicated! She also pinpointed some other problems and their source. Because of my sensitivity, she has put me on pediatric doses of my supplements—yep, I’m that “sensitive.” I love that she doesn’t push you—she works with you – not against you.

But the best thing happened just last week. My dearest friend came up for a week from Texas. We went some place every day—we shopped for clothing for me, we shopped for craft supplies, we went to Puyallup for the Expo, we crafted, we laughed and talked, and . . . I had NO anxiety. I have not felt so “normal” for about 20 years. I still marvel at how wonderful it felt to be NORMAL. Now I do still have health issues that Lexi is helping me with—but in the short time she has been helping me, I have crossed into a brand new world. I look forward to crossing into more and more good health.

By Kathryn R.

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