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First Meeting! Tuesday, January 5, 2016 at 6:30pm

Program Starts Monday, January 18th

Welcome to the Clean Eating Challenge!

I am so excited to be your coach through the next Clean Eating Challenge. Each day you will receive a recipe, learning tool, or suggestions to help you stay on track. You will also have access to the challenge's private Facebook group where everyone who has done the challenge prior to you, and who is currently on the challenge, is available to give you support, tips, tricks, and meal ideas.

What's different about the Clean Eating Challenge? It's not a diet! Yes, people lose weight, but this is about finding true health. No tricks, gimics, high costs, weigh-in's, counting points, powders, etc. You will only consume food - real food. For 31 days we are going to work together to find what is the best way for you to fuel your body.

This may be a new way of eating for you. It does require work on your part. You are not allowed to eat any packaged or prepared foods. The Clean Eating Pantry List shows you what foods are allowed and not allowed on the program. You will be required to prepare your meals daily. You will receive a cookbook prior to starting the challenge as well as several recipes.

Is this Challenge for you? You will need to be able to cook for yourself or have someone who can cook for you. You will want to find a friend or a group of friends to do the Challenge with you. I have had groups get together weekly to prep all their food and cook it in one day. Those who can't cook did a lot of prep work and those who can cook got all the prep work done for them as they prepared the meals. I will be teaching you how to prepare your meals and how to prepare a month's long of menu ideas to make shopping easy.

You will need to eat 3-6 times per day. You will always have to a snack or meal with you to keep your hunger at bay. Keep a thermal lunch bag or cooler with you, or in your car, filled with approved foods. Everything in it keeps you on your Clean Eating Plan so that if hunger strikes, you have plenty of food options at your fingertips. NEVER let yourself get hungry. If you lose weight on this plan, great! If you don't, great! Just keep your body fueled at all times.

Please be aware that if you are currently on medications that you may need to be monitored by your physician. Clients who have completed the 21 day purification program, in my office, have had significant drops in cholesterol, triglycerides, diabetes, and blood pressure medications. Watch your symptoms and report and significant changes to your physician.

If you choose to consume dairy products they MUST be full fat. Yogurt is fine on the plan as long as it does not have any fake sugar substitutes, fake ingredients, or more than 5 grams of sugar per cup in it. The reason for this is that fat slows glucose (sugar) in the system, it makes you feel fuller longer, it is essential for brain function, and the outer layer of every cell in your body is made from fat. Therefore, I want you to eat healthy fat during the plan.

If you can afford organic foods, I would prefer that you use them as I am going to work with you in helping your body purge pesticides and chemical buildup. If you can't afford organic, please buy healthy, clean foods that are within your budget.

Please remember that you are not to eat canned soups, frozen processed dinners, packages/processed foods, and gluten free packaged foods. No bread of any kind. No wheat. No sugar. No chocolate. No artificial sugars. No energy drinks. No rice. No deep fried foods. No alcohol. No coffee. No cookies, candy, cakes, pies etc. No caffeine. No chemical water inhancers (Dio, Crystal Lite, Dasani Drops etc.) Dried fruit is to be natural without any added sugar. No food colorings.

It is integral while you are on this challenge that you read the ingredients listed on your foods (not the label) turn the product over and look at all the ingredients. If you can't pronounce it, if it has food coloring or chemicals in it, or any alphabets listed, it's a NO GO! You can't have it.

Everyone leads a busy life. There is never a "perfect" time to clean up our diets. No matter what, life keeps moving forward. You have a choice to adapt your new eating plan to your life or to keep making excuses and fall into the same rut time and time again. Even with a passing of a beloved animal and loved one we have had people stay the course on The Clean Eating Challenge. This challenge won't be easy, but it will be manageable.

So start weaning yourself off the things you might be addicted to like coffee, sugar, bread, alcohol and chocolate. Make it your goal that by day 1 of the Challenge you will be free of all addictives.

Can just changing what you eat really make a difference in your health? Yes! Read some of the success stories to find out just how much this Challenge changes people's health, pain levels, symptoms, and vitality.

I can't wait to work with you. It's the best 31 days you will ever experience!

Lexi Sandifer, NTP

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